More ongoing stories, this time from the fantasy genre. Quite a few take place in a modern world similar to our own; for more high-fantasy-esque settings, check out the roleplaying and D&D-based recs.

Sorcery 101 – family drama in the suburbs, as entangled with mage organizations, vampire clans, and other supernatural struggles. Does a great job combining elements like “high school teacher mentors one of his students” and “…in learning how to live as a werewolf.”

Holiday Wars – a teenage girl finds herself thrown into a globe-spanning conflict between the manifestations of holidays, as kicked off when the Easter Bunny kills Santa Claus.

Sugar Bits – the princess of the realm of candy sweetness disappears, and our gingerbread-man hero plus some friends from the realm of courage must set out to find her. This is one that you mostly read for the shiny and detailed art.

Spare Keys for Strange Doors – more from the suburbs, and the occasional alternate dimension. Serialized tales of a couple of professionals who get called in to help with supernatural problems.

Guilded Age – a multi-species band of adventurers try to wrangle the politics of a land full of fantasy kingdoms straight out of the D&D model. Meanwhile, there’s a sinister hidden purpose to their adventuring, one that the characters might not even be able to comprehend…although the readers will.