Lots of ongoing stories I follow, so they’re being broken up by genre. In this case, science fiction. Your recommendations welcome!

By the way, some of the recs left in comments on earlier posts are starting to make their way into the new ones. I take a look at everything that gets linked, and have gotten into a bunch of gems that way.

Waterworks – a concerned citizen goes to the local waterworks to find out what’s up with her showers. Turns out it involves teleportation, high-tech gadgets, and possibly aliens. An original story that borrows the Homestuck format and structure.

String Theory – what starts out appearing to be a slapsticky comic about mad scientists takes a leap into the serious, and the art shoots up in quality with it. When the main scientist tries a prank that ends up actually killing people, he finds his own death faked and himself captured by old enemies, with only one potential friend who knows he’s still alive.

Spacetrawler – six humans are selected to come vote on behalf of Earth in the intergalactic council, and find themselves unraveling a galaxy-spanning, even universe-spanning, conspiracy. Wonderfully detailed art, great humor, heart-rending seriousness, and quite a bit of sex with aliens. Hands down one of my favorite webcomics, even among the ones I’m reccing.

Power Nap – in a world where most people are freed of the need to sleep, our hero is one of the few who still need it. Which makes him a candidate to participate in some kind of bizarre dream-based goings-on. Lots of action scenes, some great monsters.

Shadoweyes – in a futuristic city, a teenage aspiring vigilante stumbles into mysterious morphing powers. Now she can patrol the city as a superhuman urban legend…but there’s a catch to her abilities. Striking artwork, lots of atmospheric darkness.