Most of what I know about D&D, I’ve learned from webcomics.

The best roleplaying parody comics riff on gaming mechanics while developing a story and characters that you end up getting into for their own sakes. Here are a few.

RPG World – Comedy story, sort-of finished; some arcs get abruptly dropped, and you can tell there was more material planned but never written. Endearing cast of characters, nice expressive art style.

ADVENTURERS! – Comedy story, finished. Another charming cast (the wizard was always my favorite). Not the greatest artwork, but there’s some surprisingly effective use of color nevertheless.

What Is Roleplaying – comedy story, finished. Featuring some great creative manipulation by the players of their items and abilities.

The Order of the Stick – comedy story, ongoing. Recced this one already, but I’m happy to do so again. Amazing worldbuilding for glorified stick figures.

Elf Only Inn – comedy, probably abandoned. This one’s about a group of people on a roleplaying forum online, starring character types from “the one who wants to do a serious high fantasy story” to “the one who just wants to come up with new ways to over-power their character.”

The Misadventures of Okk – comedy, abandoned. Crack, no specific quest or campaign, but the world runs in part on D&D-style mechanics. Something about the art works for me perfectly — I’ve reread it just for the characters’ expressions.

Any similar strips you follow? Link them in the comments!