The cliche webcomic premise is “a couple of guys sitting on a couch playing video games.” Some of the following strips seem like they could have started with that idea; all of them end up in original and genuinely funny places anyway.

Phil Likes Tacos – comedy, short arcs, ongoing. One of my favorite webcomics ever. A couple of guys who share a ton of geeky interests, though one has a normal fast food job and the other lives wholly in his own little world. Half satire of the perils of customer service, half magical-realist homage to video games and geekdom in general.

Casey and Andy – comedy, story-ish, completed. A couple of guys with increasingly ridiculous inventions. One of them is dating Satan. They all hope they won’t run afoul of the Quantum Cop.

Alternate Delusions – comedy, short arcs, completed. A couple of guys accidentally find a pocket dimension where everything they want manifests. Since it’s rent-free, they move in. A computer helps them get to other cross-dimensional adventures, including tangles with the Green Lantern corps and an epic Mille Bornes tournament.

Loserz – comedy/drama, story-ish, completed. A trio of high schoolers comprised of a couple of guys and a girl…who is bisexual, has a lot of sex, and yet doesn’t hook up with either of them and is generally treated as a character worthy of respect. Good times.

The Robman Show – comedy, gag-a-day, discontinued. Just one guy, but he comes with an obnoxious Spider-Man action figure and a somewhat simple-minded plush Cthulu. Also friends, family, and the occasional supernatural manifestation.

Paul – comedy, gag-a-day, discontinued. Also one guy, who is obnoxious in a strangely captivating way. It helps that everyone in-universe is just as baffled.