Some long and finished tales to curl up with over a weekend.

95 Gallons – from the artist of Phil Likes Tacos, the story of a fish who decides to take over the tank. It’s a complex and devious plan that involves running the economy…which means first he has to create an economy from scratch. Good times.

Kid Radd – a video game sprite explores the mechanics of the larger gaming universe, and, because of a fortuitous error in his code, becomes the target of a cross-game conspiracy. This one is notable for having, in lieu of still strips, beautiful and carefully-crafted pixel animations.

1/0 – a strangely meta story about creating a webcomic ex nihilo. The artist chats with the characters, which include talking molecules and manifested puns, while generating them and building up their world. Digs into the nature of writing and the relationship of artists with their art, which I realize sounds dry, but I swear, it’s also funny.

Digger – a wombat aims her tunnel the wrong way, ends up in the temple of a dead god, and finds herself becoming the lynchpin of a struggle that goes deeper than anybody realizes. Also, teaching ethics to a shadow-eating baby demon. If you liked Bone, go check this out (and vice versa!). Love the artwork.