All of which also happen to be comics that are appropriate for kids, in case you were looking for those.

Alice! – arc-based slice-of-life humor, completed. Our heroine is basically the type of 13-year-old you’d expect Calvin (as in “and Hobbes”) to grow into. Mixes school adventures, alien abductions, and some more serious drama as Alice deals with her long-single father starting to date again.

Dandy & Company – arc-based slice-of-life-with-talking-pets humor, completed. A kid, his snarky talking dog, and a cast of friends and sidekicks. There’s some wonderful meta-comic-humor in this one. Also, a few mecha.

Weesh – gag-a-day magical realism, ongoing. From the creator of Angel Moxie, this is the less drama-intensive adventures of three kids and their magical wish-granting sidekick. Think Five Children And It, with fewer ideas that horribly backfire.

The Princess – arc-based dramedy, ongoing. The life and times of a ten-year-old trans girl, whose family flails around the idea a bit but tries their best to support her. This one can be pretty anvilicious about the lessons, but as long as you don’t mind that, it’s very sweet.

Li’l Mell – arc-based sci-fi dramedy, apparently finished. The prequel to Narbonic, following the adventures of a still gun-happy five-year-old Mell and her BFF, the too-smart-for-his-own-good Sergio. Sometimes there’s time travel.