Turns out I haven’t run out of these!

More of the webcomics that put girls and women front and center. Even better if they have shippable subtext. Best of all if there’s outright f/f in canon.

Waterworks — possibly-supernatural mystery adventure, ongoing. A woman visits the local waterworks to confront them about her pipes spewing sludge, and gets caught up in much more weirdness than expected. Video-game-ish format a la Homestuck, and one of the few that has kept its momentum instead of petering out.

Flaky Pastry — fantasy comedy, ongoing. It’s basically a wacky roommate comedy, except in a world where the roommates include a goblin and an elf, rivals include a vampire and a robot, and the landlord is a dragon. The cast is mostly women, with a rich variety of relationships, including some refreshingly frank romance.

Chaos Life — autobiographical gag-a-day, ongoing. Fun and relatable strips about a queer couple (f/x) and their adorable cats.

Serenity Rose — fantasy drama with gorgeous artwork, complete. Our heroine is a shy twentysomething witch/cartoonist whose uncontrolled powers have caused a couple of high-profile disasters, living in a town that’s half serious-ancient-magic, half witchcraft-theme-park. Lovely AU worldbuilding that grows up on you slowly (think SU). First time I read this, I remember getting a serious “confused lesbian” vibe, but figuring it was more wishful thinking than authorial intention…and then, nope, turns out it was all intentional.

…and if you got linked here from offsite, do start reading But I’m A Cat Person (modern fantasy comedy/drama, ongoing), about the struggles of a bunch of queer women to wrangle their dubiously-sentient shapeshifting pet battle monsters.