Recs for webcomics that put girls and women front and center. Even better if they have shippable subtext. Best of all if there’s outright f/f in canon.

A few of these have been recced here before, but are worth bringing up again. Check out the recommendations tag, and specifically the gay recs tag, for backreading!

Sleepless Domain — magical-girl drama, ongoing. Come for the cool, unique take on mahou shoujo worldbuilding: they’re known, they’re public, they have merchandising deals, and they’re the only ones who go outside after the monster-hunting curfew. Stay for the gorgeous art and unexpected terror.

Gloomverse — fantasy starts-as-a-comedy, on hiatus. Our heroine is the only person in her country with a magic deficiency, so of course she gets swept up into the shenanigans of some of its most powerful people. Colorful and creative visuals — seriously, the hats alone are wonderful.

Empowered — sexy superhero comedy-plus-angst, ongoing. Early silly bondage gags develop into something with real characterization and heart: our heroine’s insecurities, reactions, and strengths are all so believably human. Her boyfriend is a genuinely nice person, she has a great relationship with her BFF, and although only one half of the f/f couple has appeared at this point in the online version, I’ve read ahead in the print editions and I have so many feelings about them.

Gunnerkrigg Court – Comedy-mystery fantasy, ongoing. Adventures of a girl and her friends at a school with robots, rogue spirits, dubiously-human attendees, a magical forest across the river, and uncertain metaphysics. Love the various art styles for different places and times…also, love that one of the subtext-y attractions between two of the female students eventually goes text.

Girls With Slingshots – gag-a-day slice-of-life, complete! (Currently doing a rerun of the archives.) A bunch of twentysomethings being awkward in the city, and probably drinking too much. Also, a talking cactus. Stars several characters who are explicitly queer even when they’re not in relationships, including one asexual lesbian and a variety of sexual ones. Funny and entertaining, with especially cute cats.

The Hazards of Love – fantasy drama, ongoing. Queer teenager (author’s note clarifies “nonbinary, but hasn’t figured it out yet”) makes an ill-advised magical contract, ends up trying to survive in a weird fantasy world. Great, unique lineart style, which does a lovely job of evoking the weirdness of said world.