The aforementioned Fixing Continuity Errors project is all wrapped up! I won’t say things are 100% perfect, but at least now there aren’t any errors on the level of “character is shocked by a dramatic revelation of something they already learned four chapters ago.”

Note that I have NOT changed any of the pages on the BICP SmackJeeves mirror. So if you’re dying to know what was changed, and have a lot of time to kill, you can use it to do a page-by-page comparison.

Meanwhile! If you’re following BICP via ComicRocket, you may notice the strip count has dropped from 713 to 705. That’s not an error — it’s the result of some old archive cruft being outright deleted. Defunct fundraising posts, outdated calls for guest strips, that sort of thing.

(This comic right here is, um, new archive cruft. Wait around for a few more years, and it might disappear too.)

Previous ComicRocket count was 713, then it dropped to 705, so drop 8 pages from whatever you have bookmarked. If you’re on this comic, and it’s marked as #706, you’re in the right place.

I’ve made some tweaks to the general site layout too, including a nice permanent link to Leif & Thorn. If you’re not reading it already, head on over and take a dive into the archives while I finish getting BICP’s act together.