But I’m A Cat Person had overactive caching issues this past week, same as Leif & Thorn did — it just wasn’t as obvious, because this site doesn’t have daily updates for readers to notice when they’re missing.

More background in this post, if you’re curious about the technical details.

Good news is, it’s fixed now! Any pages you loaded since Friday the 6th, you’ll have to refresh them one more time — but that’ll get you a non-sticky version from here on out.

Other good news: the proof copy of BICP Volume 7 arrived, and I got my cat to pose with it!

Marshmallow Fluff with Volume 7

What a stunning model of grace and elegance.

(His name is Marshmallow Fluff. He’s still nervous about being petted or touched…but he’s come a long way from his “squeeze into the smallest corner possible and don’t move” stage, thanks to almost 6 months in a stable home, with regular meals and all the toys he can swat.)

Volume 7 is the one that opens with here’s what you missed on BICP, which means less space for bonus material in the back. But I added an extra 4 pages and managed to squeeze a few cool things in.

This is also the volume where I started putting full shading on the original pages — which made the art-updating process go a lot faster.

Chapter 23 (along with the recap that preceded it) was edited to the audiobook of Good Omens. Because I wanted to revisit it after seeing the Amazon miniseries…and yes, there’s a physical copy on my shelf, but I did not have time to sit and read it.

Chapter 24 was updated to the 4th season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. That show started rough, but boy has it hit its stride by now.

Chapter 25 was touched-up to the 2nd season of Mindhunter. Which…was awfully short. Possibly I needed something else to ride through the last few pages, but it wasn’t long enough to remember.

Chapter 26 — the first one where I didn’t have to add a new credit line, move a single word balloon, or add padding for a 2-page spread — was finished off during half the audiobook of Hollow Kingdom. Just half! Then all the work was done!

(I listened to the rest of it while doing other print-prep stuff. And queuing the next round of single-issue PDFs to release on ComiXology and DriveThruComics.)

This…might actually be the last of the page-redrawing efforts. Chapters 27 onward might just be released as-is.

But that’s a decision to save for Volume 8.

As for volume 7: Watch BICP’s Lulu store for the print version, BICP’s Gumroad storefront for the ebook, or BICP’s regular comic feed for the release of both!