This is the first book where I’ve had to print any really high-stakes two-page spreads. (The Patrick flashback in chapter 19, and the new cover art for chapter 20.)

In the print-ready file, I arranged it so part of each 2-page image is duplicated on either side of the fold. Hopefully the duplicate art is what gets swallowed up by the center margins, and we’re left with a passable image where all the text is readable. Cross your fingers!

Chapter 20 cover

I drew a bunch of the endpaper bonus art based on reader requests — offered to Patrons first, because they’re the whole reason I can do things like “host the comic on a website” and “order a proof copy.”

I’m trying to do more things in general on Patreon these days. It really does make a difference, and I want to act accordingly.

By the way, you can follow without becoming a backer! The content is about half’n’half public versus patron-locked. If you’re not sold right now on the exclusive content, you can still give me a chance to woo you with the free content.

There were such long gaps while working on this volume that by the end I’d forgotten what I used as background stimulation for the beginning. Thank goodness for library audiobook checkout histories.

(Possibly nobody else cares about these little reports and I’m only doing them for my own entertainment, but oh well, it’s fun.)

Chapter 19 was updated to the audiobook of The Stone Sky, the final volume in the Broken Earth series. (If you want a review, I wrote a longer post about the trilogy.)

Chapter 20, to the audiobook of Throne of Jade, the second Temeraire novel, and to getting caught up on the latest season of SAYER. After this I burned through all the remaining Temeraire audiobooks doing non-BICP things, because they’re really good, guys. I couldn’t hold back.

Chapter 21 was remastered to the second season of Supergirl (good, although whoo boy are the politics uneven sometimes), and then to “trying out a bunch of underwhelming cartoons on Netflix.”

Chapter 22 was fixed up to the third season of Supergirl (the latest one Netflix has), and to the heartbreaking Leaving Neverland documentary.

One more thing as long as I’m posting: here’s a Twitter meme, go +like for personal trivia about comic creation!