That’s all of Volume 2 (it should be out in a couple of weeks, pending bonus material) and the better half of Volume 3.

For pagecount reasons, Volume 3 is only going to have chapters 9-11 — the Whiskercon chapters, making a nice set — bundled with Interludes 1 and 2.

Now the big question is, how do I arrange them? Interlude 1 (holiday flashbacks) at the front and Interlude 2 (Walker’s Travels) at the back, the order they were posted in? Or both Interludes at the back, the way manga volumes are organized, so you get the main continuity first before switching gears?

Readers, do any of you have a preference?

Stray observations:

I had forgotten that Kara Lynn originally had these complex frilly ears. Not sure when they got streamlined into human-but-pointed. (I picked the simple pointy version as the winner.) She also had huge eyes for a while in chapter 9, but they’d settled down into their current format by the middle of chapter 10.

Bianca spent the whole of chapter 10 with her eyes the wrong color. Whoops. I was also using two subtly-different shades of purple on Poe’s eyes for a while there.

Dotan and Tina have most of their appearance in chapter 9, but come back briefly in chapter 10…and I drew Dotan’s hair completely differently. Also, left out Tina’s fox, which I decided was a little too much work to add back in.

The only panel I’ve flat-out redrawn was back in chapter 7. It bothered me even at the time, so it’s a relief to finally do it right.

Chapter 6 was drawn while catching up on a ton of podcasts I’d fallen behind on.

Chapter 7 got me through the second “season” of DokiDoki Precure (the Netflix “Glitter Force” dub)…then a ton of false starts on bad audiobooks before I gave up and used Grey’s Anatomy to finish it off. (Also on Netflix. They have 13 seasons of it. Yikes.)

Seriously, one of those audiobooks had the female protagonist lamenting that her crush is an uninterested heterosexual…while said crush is actively in the middle of kissing her. In the moonlight. On the beach. After saying “I’m interested in you.” It is impossible to exaggerate how ridiculous this was.

Chapter 8, I played it safe and put on something I knew would be good — Terry Pratchett’s The Truth.

Chapter 9 took me for-frickin’-ever for some reason. Possibly the combination of “several new characters” and “lots of panels crowded with characters, very few scenery/establishing shots/splash panels.” I got all the way through John Grisham’s The Runaway Jury, and a second Discworld book — Thief of Time.

Chapter 10 was back to a single book — Kim Stanley Robinson’s Aurora — with podcasts filling it out at the end. The accuracy of the time-scale is a little fuzzier on this one, since I did take a break in the middle of the book to make cookies.

Check out Volume 1 if you haven’t yet, and stand by for volumes 2 and 3!