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If you’re one of the readers who’s holding out for bonus content — here are the latest BICP-themed wallpapers. Patrons get high-res versions, in a range of different sizes to fit all your screens.

March – Who Are These Masked Men?

Masked Bennett and Cohen wallpaper

A long-delayed coda to the earlier “BICP characters in animal masks” wallpaper from last May.

Not sure I’ll ever draw all the Masters with their corresponding animal masks…but I always wanted to do Bennett and Cohen, on top of the five characters in that first wallpaper. They just didn’t all fit in one image.

April – JoJo Poses

JoJo Poses wallpaper

A commenter pointed out that Joshua Ben Joseph (BICP) is a JoJo, and bam, suddenly I had an Easter-themed wallpaper for April.

Poses modeled by Maria, Josh, and Saxon. Anybody want to suggest what their Stands would be called…?