I’ve officially revamped all the comic pages that will go in volumes 3 and 4 of But I’m A Cat Person!

However…I’m also moving cross-country (again!) in just under two months. So I kinda need to put all my spare focus on that for the near future.

Assuming the move goes as planned, BICP volume 3 will be released at the start of June, and volume 4 will follow in late July or early August. That’ll give you time to save up up for them. And maybe buy the earlier volumes.

Meanwhile: there’s now a BICP/Leif & Thorn store on Gumroad! If you’d rather collect the BICP omnibuses (omnibi?) in digital-download form, the first two volumes are available there.

For the record:

Chapter 14 was updated to season 2 of Jessica Jones, and then to a lackluster Hunger Games parody. (It couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be a silly sendup of the original, a scathing work of political satire, a woobie-filled angst-fest, or a sexy revel of ridiculous kink. Protip: none of these tones work if you keep switching to the others.)

Chapter 15 was redrawn to the latest season of Voltron (they’re all half-size now, so I lose count), followed by the first season of the Steven Universe Podcast. (The official one, with a ton of Crewniverse interviews. Good stuff.)

Netflix just got more Miraculous Ladybug, and there’s also a season of Supergirl I haven’t watched, so it won’t be hard to find working background material when I get to volume 5.