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Sparrow: Hey, uh, just to be clear . . . I’m not here to ask you for money or anything like that. Not that I’d turn it down if you offered. But no pressure. And I don’t need you to fill a “dad” role in my life.

I’ve got a great mom — and, now, a great stepmom. They have me covered for parenting.

I just thought it was about time, and you deserved to know.

Cohen: . . . Thanks. I will make no promises until I talk to my lawyer, but it’s probably safe to say thank you.

Patrick: Since you’re not my Master, I’m not attuned to your feelings anymore, but it seems like you have some. And I’m pretending to be your Being . . . do you want to talk about it?

Cohen: Good boy. But no.

For that, my boyfriend will have me covered.

Patrick: . . . Really?

Cohen: Yes, really.

Patrick: You ARE still dating Arthur Bennett, right?

Cohen: That’s him.

Patrick: Then —

Miranda: Oh, look! We’re here.