Bianca (thinking): I’m not gonna be insulted by a teenager yelling about sex things they think are gross . . . but there’s no point in having a conversation at all if she’s gonna panic and shut it down. Maybe just try one more thing . . .

violetbauble: Again: I’m not accusin u! honest!
violetbauble: But yea I’ve screwed up w/ Patrick ok?

violetbauble: That’s why I’m tryin 2 tell u not 2.
violetbauble: It’s not about any 1 speciffic kink. whether u think it’s moral or not.
violetbauble: It’s more like: humans r complicated. W/ all kinds of heavy stuff goin on.
violetbauble: Not Beings. They’re simple & light by nature…unless u bring the complications 2 them.

Morning. (Local time.)

Blake: Are you ready to go? If you didn’t order room service, we can get breakfast on the way!

Kara Lynn: Is there something you want from me, Master?

Jany: No. Why?

Kara Lynn: Because I’m sensing mixed feelings from you about whether you want me to put on a jacket.