Part of the reason this is so late is because I spent the morning at South Station doing exciting location research. I hope you’re all suitably impressed that the shape of the clock is accurate.

The security people were fun to write. Henceforth I’m going to refer to them as Sailor MBTA and Tuxedo Charlie.


Sailor MBTA: Stop where you are! How dare you interrupt the people of Boston in the middle of their daily routines?

Tuxedo Charlie: For safety and smooth operation, we’re MBTA security!

In the name of passenger service . . .

Sailor MBTA: . . . we’ll take you into custody!

Cybele: Aww, you’re cute! But if you want to lock me up . . .

. . . you’ll have to catch me first!


Oof. Oof. Ungh.


Sailor MBTA: Call backup! Have them guard all the exits to the subway!