Q. Would it be out of the question for a Being to ‘groom’ a future Master when their master declines due to old age or disease, or is it more whomever was handy?

A. In the event of an unplanned-for death, a Being might gravitate towards someone they were already familiar with (as Reseda did with Timothy), but they wouldn’t deliberately plan it beforehand.

What does happen is that existing Masters will plan for and groom their successors. That’s essentially what Jany’s grandmother did for Jany, and it’s probably what the Tiger’s previous Master would have done if Walker hadn’t volunteered herself as ready for the job, no guidance necessary.

Q. Kara Lynn had standing orders from when she was serving Jany’s grandmother, but how strict are those orders? Could a Master order (and have the order fulfilled) a Being to never get a new Master, even after the existing Master’s death?

A. Kara Lynn followed her previous Master’s orders because Jany renewed them (saying “Just keep doing all the things to help my family that you were doing before” without getting all the details). A Being whose Master just died might still go through the motions of following some old orders out of habit…but they’re going to be drawn to finding a new Master no matter what.

Q. Is that “name” issue for Beings linked to the fact that they do not, and cannot have an identity, or that they cannot have a permanent identity?

A. Yes! If a Being had a permanent, settled identity, and a name to go with it, they would be able to say “My name is ___” just fine.