Finished version is up! And you can still check out the behind-the-scenes look at what BICP looks like without its tones on.

Cohen (thinking): Looks like my flight will touch down around when the interview ends . . .

New York.

Bennett: I can’t look! Is everyone talking about me?

Cybele: I can’t read . . .

mr universe @likeacomet 9m
holy cheese burritos arthur bennett just came out

hy there @everyshadow12 9m
Time to go back & review Bennett’s entire voting record on LGBT issues.

mata k. @dam_good 10m
Ok who found Bennett’s secret gay porn stash?

elisa north @chipmunkcheeks 11m
tv: another conservative ex congressman admits super homo
me, filing my nails: u don’t say

Bennett: Don’t let any of those people in, you got it?

Doorman: Is it bad that I already let a broadcasting guy up to your place earlier?

Cohen: Hi. Cybele said you might want company.

. . . Do you want a hug?

Bennett: I don’t know, Stu. That sounds kinda gay.

Cohen: Yeah . . . that would be the point.