Some ridiculous and enjoyable gag-a-day strips.

Invisible Bread – ongoing – slice-of-life observational humor. Lots of human awkwardness.

Alaska Robotics – slice-of-life taking place in Alaska, interspersed with geek jokes and the occasional bit of gorgeous artwork.

Luke Surl Comics – ongoing – random jokes, often smart and funny science-y ones.

Hark! A Vagrant – updating sporadically – awesome loose art style, including lots of extended jokes about history, literature, and feminism. Even if you haven’t read it yet, you’ve probably heard some of the memes that have come out of it.

The Parking Lot is Full – concluded – one-shot jokes, sometimes strikingly eerie, interspersed with the recurring adventures of a pair of sock puppets.

Catball and Clown Girl – discontinued – a fluffy ball of cat that hates everything and a woman who is way too cheerful.

FoundObjects – discontinued – an all-text comic. It works anyway.

Mass Production – discontinued – there’s an art to working a joke out of copied-and-pasted clipart.

The Whole Nine Yards – discontinued – single-panel comics reminiscent of The Far Side, especially with all the dinosaurs.

Riskophile – discontinued – stick figures explain how to run a startup.